Friday, July 1, 2011


Happy July!  Happy Summer!  FINALLY it looks like we'll be having some decent weather here in Seattle.  The weather has been super cool this June (well, not that unusual) and I'm very much looking forward to some sun.  When I lived in Oregon I couldn't wait for the hot (100) days, now I just pray for anything over 70! 

I have some lofty July goals but I'm SO excited for this month. 

1.  Go to crossfit 3 times per week.
2.  Go to yoga at least once per week.
3.  Start my Jog-a-Dog program!
4.  Read, read, read! (Goal, 4 books!)
5.  Buy curtains and throw pillows for our "office."
6.  Go on a shopping hiatus.  I'm trying to save money for a new venture (to be discussed later!) and really need to cut back on my shopping for a couple of months.  This is going to be SO hard because the Nordstrom anniversary sale is this month!
7.  Get some sun!

What are your July goals?  Are they fitness related?  Health related? 

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