About Me

I love love and happiness. I have a hard time balancing but strive for it in all things I do. I'm a Libra. I love clothes (but not always shopping), lifting weights, running, going to yoga, reading, drinking wine, spending time with my friends and the love of my life, sun, exploring, reading celeb gossip, watching the news, driving my car, high heels, Italian loafers, organic food, my kitties (Minou and Indee), fashion, Buddha, dirty Grey Goose martinis, all things French, and miss Paris daily.

I'm an attorney in Seattle.  I have the most amazing family and friends.  And, of course, I am the proud parent of the best dog on the planet and two crazy kitties!  

One other thing:  I'm OBSESSED with football and especially the Seahawks.  Seriously.  I even got my boyfriend into it!