Monday, July 18, 2011

Beautiful Monday

Arguably, there is nothing better than starting your week off on the right foot.  For me, this means preparing all of my food for the week, setting goals, going to the grocery store and spending some quality time with L&B.  Although I missed out on Harry Potter, I was able to accomplish everything else I needed to get done over the weekend and went to a friends' birthday party!  It has to be said though, the weather has been horrible.  It is July and was in the low 60s and raining all weekend.  YUCK!

So, this morning, I'm up early and preparing for my week!  Writing down goals for the week, made a lovely breakfast (Spark, 1 piece of Canadian bacon, and high protein oatmeal (oats, 1 scoop Muscle Gain, 1T ground flax, cinnamon, unsweetened almond milk.)  YUM!  I have decided that it is imperative for me to get back into yoga more.  I have to make at least two classes a week going forward.  So, my workouts will now look like this yoga 2x, crossfit 2x, personal trainer 2x plus one long run outside on the weekend.

This week is going to be very routine, which I love!  Get up, work out, make breakfast, go to work, read in the evenings.

How cute is Beau-Dog with his Seahawks bandana on?

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