Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Simple Life

I feel like life is a constant struggle of trying to excel, always be the best me I can be, and just wanting life to be simple.  Easy.  Why do we have to make things hard all of the time?  I went to dinner with friends last night for a birthday.  I'm on this cleanse thing where I'm not supposed to have alcohol, dairy, fatty meats, wheat, etc.  Well, we went to the Melting Pot.  Did I order a simple salad and call it a day?  NO, I engorged myself on all of the deliciousness.  Today, I was two lbs heavier on the scale.  Those 2 lbs that I struggled and starved and ran for, all down the drain.  Again, I have to ask myself, why isn't this easy?  Why can't I just ENJOY my meal with my friends, get up this morning, go for a run today and not gain weight?  Why can't it just be easy?  I guess it is easy.  I need to eat less.  Plain and simple.

I'm also struggling because I would like a lot less stress in my life.  Just for a little bit maybe.  Remember spring break?  Summer vacation?  Right now I'm fantasizing about a summer in Paris.  With trips around France.  Brining one small suitcase with me, watching my money closely and being as French as I can be.  Enjoying two hour lunches.  The beauty.  The architecture.  The smells.  The fashion.  The crepes and patisseries.  

Please, dear readers, don't think I am complaining about my life.  I have a lovely life.  But, sometimes, even the loveliest lives crave change.  Crave stimulation.  Crave creativity.  I would LOVE suggestions on how you lovelies create these things in your already incredibly busy lives.  Simple.  Luxury.  Creativity.  Thoughtfulness.

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