Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Reading

I love summer. The long days, the warm evenings, not having to wear a coat! Last night we had some good friends over for dinner and I made panzenella, fried oysters and we grilled out. After dinner we sat by our fire pit and chatted.

The thing I love the most about summer is that there are no new TV shows on so I'm not compelled to spend hours in front of the TV. I love long evenings and cherish the time I get to spend reading. I am always reading about 20 books at a time and the kindle app on my iphone is not making this list any smaller.

I finished "The Carrie Diaries" last week. It was cute. I love SATC so much that it was fun to think about what Carrie was like in high school. It was a quick read and would make a great beach book!

I'm in the middle of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and am very intrigued. I can't wait to get more into it. I'm also reading "Mindless Eating" which is fascinating and "Women, Food and God." I am also going to read "Desolation Angels" and try to get someone to hike up there with me this summer. I have been dying to do that for years! "Tranquilista", "LA Candy", and "Finding Your Own North Star" are downloaded on my iphone. Also, I just pulled out "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" which is a separate blog post.

I live for books, I surround myself with them, they are on the floor next to my bed, my night stand, and I have a mini library in my new house. (One wall, all shelves, completely full of books.)

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so obsessed with books. Occasionally I buy books and don't finish them or even open them yet I can't get rid of them and I constantly am buying new books. It is hard for me to give books away and if I do I want to make sure they get read! I am a book hoarder!

So, what are you all reading this summer? Any trashy beach reads? Intellectual masterpieces? Magazines? New Yorker? US Weekly? I would love to hear! (And I'm sure give more business!)


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Carolyn said...

I LOVE books! I just finished The Space Between Us and am about to read Best Friends by Martha Moody