Monday, July 19, 2010


Lovelies!  So, I have been talking in recent posts about my new obsession with cooking so here is the promised post. 

For years I lived by myself and consumed mostly frozen meals, frozen pizza and wine.  I never had a problem with my weight as I ran regularly or hit the gym at least 3 times per week.  Then... I met L.  And, you know what they say, relationship weight.  We started going out to eat nearly every time we hung out, my wine consumption increased dramatically and the next thing I knew, BAM, 10 lbs.  Now, I know that doesn't seem like a lot and in the great scheme of things it is nominal.  However, 10 lbs is enough to make your pants not fit, make you uncomfortable in your suits and generally unhappy.  One of my biggest issues is that my face gets fat.  Yes, I look like a bloated Jim Morrison circa 1969.  Not cool. 

So, in order to get those 10lbs off of my ass I struggled.  I tried to diet, eat Lean Cuisine, go to yoga, I tried Bikram.  Then, I hired a personal trainer.  My first trainer didn't stress the importance of diet to me.  Or she did and I didn't listen, not sure.  Next thing I knew, I was going to Mexico for my 29th birthday and up another 5lbs!  WTF!  Seriously!  When I was in Mexico I decided to change trainers.  I went to a new trainer who created a meal plan, cardio plan and weight training plan.  Let me tell you, the meal plan SUCKS.  Chicken breast and green beans w/ 1 teaspoon of olive oil.  That is pretty much it.  Oh, and have I mentioned I despise chicken?  Won't eat it.  HATE it.  So I cheated.  I cheated A LOT.  But, somehow I was able to lose 10lbs.  Just by cleaning up my diet a little bit, counting calories and wearing the BodyBugg.  I still was going out to eat, but making better choices.  Now, I generally send the bread back.  I have two glasses of wine instead of 3 or 4.  Small things but don't deprive myself.

But, my friends, this has not been an easy process.  I have struggled, and sometimes failed, to change my mindset about food.  I went through a stage where I felt like my issues with food were borderline dysfunctional.  I never had an eating disorder, but they way I was depriving myself often led to binges.  Wine binges, potato chip binges, pizza binges. 

During this process I started cooking.  I refuse to eat Lean Cuisine any more.  (Have you seen the sodium?!?!)  If I do eat a frozen meal, it is always Amy's Organics.  And I bought a bunch of cookbooks.  I decided that I needed to change my attitude about food.  Not let the food control me.  Carbs aren't the enemy.  Neither is wine.  Granted, some carbs are "better" than others, but they are all fine IN MODERATION.  Wow, moderation, what a concept!

So, cookbooks in hand, I am now turning my food habits around.  I'm no longer opposed to pasta.  I just know to not eat it every day.  I'm not even opposed to boxed food like Mac and Cheese.  But I know to not eat it every day.  (Actually the last time I had it was in the middle of one of my "clean" eating phases and it gave me a food hangover.... so I might be a bit opposed to that.  What kind of food gives you a hangover?!?!) 

Recently, on my trip to Italy with my mom, we took a cooking class outside of Siena.  We made homemade pasta, panzanella, rabbit (yeah, not MY thing for sure) and biscotti.  The food was delicious. 

I have also made several recipes out of Julia Child's cookbook and am dying to take some more cooking classes here in Seattle. 

Don't get me wrong, I still watch what I eat, I just am trying to think of food as nourishment, not punishment.  On August 2 I am going to do the Advocare 24 day Challenge with one of my girlfriends.  This starts with a 10 day cleanse, then eating super "clean" for the next 14 days.  I'm doing this knowing that I could never maintain this type of diet long term, but just to let my body reset itself and take a break from all of the wine I have been drinking (my excuse is it is summer!)

Some books that have been extremely helpful to me are:  Women Food and God and Mindless Eating. 

What about you lovelies?  What are your thoughts on food/eating? 

Also, let me know if you want any information on the Advocare 24 Day challenge!  I'd be happy to provide you with information :-)

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Maria said...

Hi Leslie - this sounds so interesting the Advocae 24 day challenge - please tell me more!!