Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today is Day 1 of a 10 day cleanse and Advocare 24 day Challenge that I am doing to lose some pounds, burn some fat, increase my energy and in general be healthier.  So far, the cleanse part is fairly easy.  No dairy, no processed grains, no white rice, no refined sugar.  Lots of lean protein and veggies and fruit!  Basically the same diet I am supposed to be following.  With one caveat:  No alcohol.  This, my friends, means no wine!  Yipes!  For 10 days!  (And for two weeks following "limited alcohol")  We all know one thing:  I love my wine.  This could be hard!  I'm not doing this solely because I'm vain and want to lose that final 5lbs.  (I say solely b/c that obviously is a factor.)  I really feel like I have fallen off the wagon a bit in terms of eating healthy.  I started getting sandwiches at lunch with white bread and have had cheese at nearly every meal.  I have wine pretty much every night (1-2 glasses, but still, the smallest amount of alcohol can affect our bodies.)  And this is NOT some crazy cleanse where I can only drink lemon juice or eat grapefruits.  It is merely removing inflammatory foods from my diet for a brief period of time.  Doing this helps eliminate cravings, helps your body burn fat, and jump start your diet!  I'll be blogging to let you know how I fair doing this challenge.  Here's to health and longevity!

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