Monday, June 21, 2010


While life has been full of exciting and scary changes, I have been doing a lot of reflecting. I even had a Zoolander moment of "Who am I?" Ha! Kidding people. But seriously, in the past week I have been reflecting on what I like to do, what do I have fun doing, who do I have fun with? One of my absolute favorite things to do is to read. I am also completely addicted to books. Recently I decided to download books to my iphone (via the Kindle app) and while I have been reading that way, there is something missing. I love having books around me. It is the one type of clutter that never bothers me. I'll be moving the remainder of my stuff this weekend and the one thing I just cannot cull are my books. I guess L will have to live with that ;-)

A NEW thing that I have really started to enjoy is cooking/baking. Today I got home from work a bit early and took a lovely nap then made homemade biscotti. YUM.

BUT here is the thing, lovelies, I think I sort of have a complex about cooking/baking/eating. I am somewhat obsessed with only eating "clean" but cooking/baking "clean" is NOT exciting. You don't get to make fabulous creations, or luxurious/gluttonous dishes. Cooking "clean" is really boring, quite frankly. Plain chicken breast, plain green beans or green beans with soy sauce, eggs, irish oats, fish, more green beans... I have bought different books, tried to spice things up, basically if you want to lose fat and keep muscle/gain muscle you have to eat boring. I don't do boring well. Never have. Probably never will. I guess I need to suck it up and just recognize that I will never have a perfect body b/c, quite frankly, I want to indulge on occasion. And I will NEVER give up vino!

What are you enjoying? Oh, and more importantly, what are you reading?!?!?


Carolyn said...

Girl I am having the same dilemma!!!!! Can't seem to get back on the vegan bandwagon although I so want to. It's important to me... but life is too short to not have pizza!

Leslie said...

It would be way to hard for me to go vegan, I think it is amazing you did it for as long as you did! I didn't eat red meat in 2008 (the entire year) and I became really anemic and was sick all of the time. I am sure I didn't educate myself enough to just give up an entire food group at that time. Oh, and I had pizza TWICE this week! Yikes!