Thursday, October 13, 2011

Burned chicken fail.

So last night I did something I've never done before.  I nearly ruined my Le Crueset and burned the chicken, tomatoes and beans.  I blame this atrocious cold.  So, I did what anyone would do.  I whipped up some home made salsa in the mocajete and sent the bf to the store.  Wait?  What's that you say?  OH, yes, you KNEW it.  I took Mon-Wed of this week off to celebrate my BIRTHDAY!  Woop!  That is the only way I could ever find the time to do both.  Otherwise we would have been eating frozen spinach.  Microwaved.  Oh the joy.

I have been pretty MIA on blog lately despite my best attempts to blog more.  Not sure what it is but lately I haven't read anything that wasn't nutrition related (outside of work, of course) or even spent time journaling.  And let me tell you, things aren't looking much better for the next two months.  Friday night I'm going to see Sarah Weddington speak at the Washington Women Lawyer's annual banquet, all day Saturday and Sunday I have class and my own birthday dinner Saturday night.  I don't think I can, or ever would, skip that.  Next week is back to work as normal then headed to San Francisco (for the first time ever!) for the weekend.  I get back, have another crazy week at work with a million depositions and deadline (what else is new?) and then my parents, aunt and uncle are coming into town. 

Did I mention I was in Las Vegas again last weekend?  Nope?  Oh, well.... you know what they say.... Nothing stays in Vegas when you go with your parents.

So, given my CRAZY upcoming schedule, what do I hear from my sister last night?  Oh, that's right.... that my mom and aunt are coming to Seattle for the weekend of November 4.  Panic.  Attack.  Look, I love my family, but I also love my sanity.  If they come up that weekend then the following weekend I have my class again and I'll NEVER get any stay at home, chillax weekend time.  I need my weekends.  Ya hear? 

Seriously?  What did I sign up for?  Maybe this is why I burned the chicken.... Seriously. 

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