Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How did I do?

On July 5, 2009 I wrote a blog (after being inspired by another blog) on 30 before 30.  Well folks, I turn 30 in less than three weeks so I think it is time to assess the damage.

1. Run a 1/2 marathon

In June, 2010 I ran the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon w/ a time of 3:22!

2. Spend 3 weeks in Paris

Nope, but I did spend about 14 days in Italy!  And went on a Mediterranean cruise!

3. Lose 15lbs and stay that weight

Not even close :-( 

4. Go on a "yoga retreat" .... Maybe this one: costa rica yoga retreat at pura vida spa in alajuela, costa rica may 22-29, 2010??? http://www.kimberlywilson.com/workshops.html

Nope :-(

5. Save and extra $150.00 per month for a big trip for 30th birthday (if I start in July this would mean $2250.00 by Oct 11, 2010)

Nope, I need to figure this one out though!

6. Start riding horses again

Yes, started in December 2009, am currently in the market for a show horse

7. Grow out my hair


8. Go to San Francisco

Nope :-(

9. Go on an overnight hiking/camping trip

Nope :-(

10. Hike Desolation Peak (and re-read Desolation Angels prior to hiking!)

Nope :-(

11. Re-decorate my new home

Well.... this has been changed a bit as I moved in with the BF in May of this year... we are in progress!

12. Hire a housekeeper (


13. Fall in love


14. Stay in love


15. Complete "The Artist's Way"

Nope, but will be a goal for age 30!

16. Buy new camera and take a ton of pictures

My sister bought me a camera for Christmas, I have only been OK about taking pictures

17. Run a 5K


18. Give up red meat


18. Join DAR


19. Go to India


20. Adopt a puppy

My BF and I got a yellow lab puppy together!

21. Buy one really fabulous handbag and use it for most occasions (I got one as a gift!)

I was given one as a gift for Christmas!

22. STOP being hard on myself

I'm better.... this is an evolving process!

23. Spend time furthering career

Again, evolving process!

24. Spend money on decorating my apartment (like I want to live there for an extended period of time!)

See above, decorating the new house is a work in progress

25. Walk along the Oregon coast at sunrise

Not at sunrise but did at sunset

26. Stop being negative

Again, work in progress

27. Spend time in the grass reading a fabulous book

Not sure about the grass but definitely did this on a beach and cruise ship!

28. Believe in myself

Work in progress

29. Re-learn French


30. Be in the "now" and stop worrying so much about the past and future.

Trying desperately to do!  Work in progress!
I am really quite proud of myself for completing as many of these tasks as I put forth.  Some of them may be longer bucket list type goals.  Doing India and three weeks in Paris in the same year was a bit lofty!  I am going to spend some time over the next three weeks deciding what I want my age 30 goals to be... Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me.  Why is turning 30 so insanely scary for me though??? 
Any advice on aging?  Have you guys been meeting your goals?

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Carolyn said...

I think you did well!!! This reminds me... I need to pull out my list!