Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Falling off the Wagon

Does anyone know a thing about falling off the wagon? I do. The last few months I have been so busy living life and practicing what I talked about all of last year I haven't made time to reflect (or blog.) I find it interesting that when I am happier I don't feel the need to "work on me." The problem with this is in times of not so happy I don't feel like I have spent enough time reflecting to figure out what to do. This is NOT to say that I am unhappy. I have, really, a pretty good life. I just feel like I need to spend some time with myself. Or, with you, lovelies, if any of you are still out there ;-) Time to think out loud about life. Not to worry, I have been busy reading all of the blogs I normally read, just have not spent any time on my own blog.

Last year I set a bunch of goals and have actually managed to stick to a few of them reading back on my old posts. This year I have been busy "doing." I lift weights three times per week, I have been training for a half marathon (which is June 26, eek!), my boyfriend and I moved into a house together, I went to Italy with my mom for 10 days.... Like I said, I have nothing to complain about. BUT (isn't there always a but...) I still feel like I could be a little bit happier... a little bit more content... Maybe that is why they say life is a process. It certainly seems so. You get one thing down and poof! Something else arises!

My plan for the next few months is to get back on the wagon. Get back to doing things just for ME. Be a little bit creative. I am hoping to start actually blogging regularly. Then again, who knows with me, but this is the plan.

So, dear readers, if there are any of you out there, be on the look out for some new rants/raves/thoughts/rambling.

I hope some of you have stuck around!

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