Sunday, August 2, 2009


I have taken a bit of a blogging hiatus. I have been so busy I have hardly had time to keep up with everything that is going on in the world!

July's goals:

For July I would really like to make sure I get to the gym a minimum of 3x per week, only have wine 2x per week and on holidays (I KNOW I'll want a drink on the 4th!), NOT buy any more books, hire a housekeeper and BE POSITIVE! My job has really been getting to me lately so I need to work on releasing that stress. I made it to the gym quite a bit. I'm not sure if it was exactly three times per week but it was definitely close! Yay me! Um, I definitely did NOT stick to the only having wine two times per week. Not even close. I didn't hire a housekeeper (I tried but that is a long story!), I didn't buy any books for the month of July (so of course I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and bought "The Success Principles," "The Bell Jar" and "The Witch of Portobello." I think I was fairly positive also! Overall, not a bad month!

Now for August's goals. I am keeping it simple this month.

1. Read "The Success Principles"

2. Continue to go to the gym a minimum of three times per week

3. Only eat out a maximum of 2 nights per week

4. Be more focused at work.

Sometimes I feel like I am all over the place. I haven't been feeling very inspired lately. I really need to take time for myself. I find that to be a challenge during the summer months. The weather is so amazing and I cannot stand to be inside. I want to hang out with my friends and be super social! I know that the weather won't last and I'll get back to my bookworm self. I guess I'll let it slide that I have been a little flaky lately!

I have a couple things I'm working on and will share those soon...



Carolyn said...

Great goals! I've noticed you've been uber stressed with work. I hope you can find some peace and downtime this August. I was so utterly sick with stress at work, but somehow just let it go a couple weeks ago. It's been divine since!

LGirl said...

Thanks! For some reason my cases EXPLODED in the last couple of months. I have a super fun trip to LA planned for the middle of August and taking two weeks off in October so I do have "some" downtime scheduled! Even if the two weeks isn't for a while :-)

Melita said...

love your goal list. congrats on accomplishing everything you did for july! downtime is something that is a must, even if it has to be scheduled ;)