Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shoes, bags and more! Oh my!

After this weekend I will be on a "financial diet" for quite some time. The Nordstrom sale was out of control. I think my mom is a bad influence! I ended up with a pair of Jimmy Choo's, a pair of Chanel heels, new Chanel sunglasses, new perfume, a new Coach wallet, a new bag, new work pants, new work shirts, random dresses from H&M and new workout clothes. Someone needed to stop me! I have mild anxiety about how much money I spent but overall I am pretty thrifty and don't go crazy too frequently.

Now I have that kind of "let down" feeling that you get after something really fun happens. I'm also really happy to be in my bed on my computer not entertaining!

I am so looking forward to this upcoming week. I have spinning tomorrow after work, then Tuesday my first personal training session at my new gym, dinner with a friend on Wednesday, personal training again on Thursday and hopefully dinner with a good friend on Friday! ALSO, the lovely K will be moving back to Seattle this week after two years in London and I am soooooo excited! She is one of my partners in crime and I can't wait for her to return.

One thing I really need to work on this week is staying positive and also eating healthy. Kind of random right? I have been eating crap lately and even though I was down two pounds on Friday morning, I'm pretty sure I have gained it all back over the weekend. How do you change your eating habits and break bad habits?

Also, is it wrong I feel guilty about lazing around when the weather is so nice out?

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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