Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reflections on Paradise

Recently, the man and I took a trip to Oahu. It is a fabulous "weekend" get away as there are a ton of direct flights from Seattle. I got advice on the best places to stay, heard not so great things about Waikiki, so we ended up staying at Turtle Bay on the North Shore. (If you have seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall you know this resort!) The first day we arrived the weather was perfect. I immediately put on my bathing suit and ran/dove head first into the ocean. Something about the beach makes me instantly feel 10 years old! The next day we decided to go stay in Waikiki for a night so that we could go to dinner at Nobu. Nobu is AMAZING. Absolutely amazing. Waikiki, was, well, it was crowded. We then spent the next day driving up one side of the island and made a little pitstop to "interact" with dolphins. I have to say, this was really freaking cool! I knew dolphins are smart, but they are amazing. We got to get in the water with them and "help" the trainers with their tricks. We also got to feed and pet them. It was seriously "neat-o!" Sadly, when we got back to our resort the weather had taken a turn for the worse. The wind was blowing constantly. And not a mild breeze. WIND. It was blowing so hard you couldn't lay on the beach, lay at the pool, go kayaking and we missed our shark diving excursion b/c of the wind also.

Overall it was an amazing experience. Lincoln is so amazing for taking me on his little trip and I am so thankful for getting to go. But, it really has me thinking. I think "paradise" can mean many different things to different people. Or can mean different things to the same person, depending on what they "need" at that current time. Paradise for me today was lounging around, going for a run, and now I'm in bed blogging. I would really like to go somewhere remote with few other people next weekend. Or maybe get a bunch of candles and take a giant bubble bath which reading a new book!

What does paradise mean to you? Is it that dream beach vacation? What about hiking into the mountains? Spending the night at a trendy hotel in your own city? Also, what are some "economical" ways to have paradise right in your own backyard?

I will leave you with some pictures of us on our vacay!

And let's have a positive happy week!

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you look GORGEOUS!!