Sunday, July 5, 2009

30 before 30

I give credit to Suz's 30 before 30 blog for inspiring my little post. 30 before 30 is such a fabulous idea that I just have to add this to my blog also. I turn 30 in about 16 months! This gives me plenty of time to start getting with the program! (Whatever the 30 turn out to be!!)

I think I know of a few but I will need more time to actually get them on here!

Tell me, what are things you all are dying to do before 30 or 40 or any other milestone?

I also want to plan a post on 20 things I have done in my twenties and maybe 20 things I did before I turned 20!!

This is going to be fun! And it might make turning 29 in October less painful!


So, I just realized that I turn 29 in 3 months and 5 days! Eek! I better start my list!

1. Run a 1/2 marathon

2. Spend 3 weeks in Paris

3. Lose 15lbs and stay that weight

4. Go on a "yoga retreat" .... Maybe this one: costa rica yoga retreat at
pura vida spa in alajuela, costa rica may 22-29, 2010???

5. Save and extra $150.00 per month for a big trip for 30th birthday (if I start in July this would mean $2250.00 by Oct 11, 2010)

6. Start riding horses again (started in December 2009)

7. Grow out my hair (started to do, already about four inches longer!)

8. Go to San Francisco

9. Go on an overnight hiking/camping trip

10. Hike Desolation Peak (and re-read Desolation Angels prior to hiking!)

11. Re-decorate my new home

12. Hire a housekeeper (done, October 2009, comes every 4-6 weeks)

13. Fall in love (DONE!)

14. Stay in love

15. Complete "The Artist's Way"

16. Buy new camera and take a ton of pictures

17. Run a 5K

18. Give up red meat (not gonna happen...)

18. Join DAR

19. Go to India

20. Adopt a puppy

21. Buy one really fabulous handbag and use it for most occasions (I got one as a gift!)

22. STOP being hard on myself

23. Spend time furthering career

24. Spend money on decorating my apartment (like I want to live there for an extended period of time!)

25. Walk along the Oregon coast at sunrise

26. Stop being negative

27. Spend time in the grass reading a fabulous book

28. Believe in myself

29. Re-learn French

30. Be in the "now" and stop worrying so much about the past and future.


Carolyn said...

YES go to Costa Rica avec Kimberly! I'll be there!!!!

LGirl said...

I think that sounds like soooooo much fun! I want to bring my mama too!