Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July? What happened to June?!?!

When I realized it was July today I seriously had to question what happened to June. I always like the start of a new month because, for some reason, there is something "new" about it! (Duh!) But, this month has me questioning just what the heck happened to June. Let's do a little review:

Goals --

1. Um, did NOT make it to the gym 3x per week. But, I have managed to save about $100.00 in parking in June by walking or riding the bus to work! (That has to count for something.)

2. Did a fairly good job of this. I also probably spent as much on groceries as eating out! Eek!

3. I'm still alive so I must still be breathing. (I'm feeling a tad bit sassy today.)

4. OK, this goal needs some SERIOUS work. I am very upset about how much weight I have gained since April. How did this happen? I find it interesting the weight gain started almost the exact date I changed BC to Seasonique. Is that TMI for a blog?!?! I really need to work on this in July. And cutting down on drinking I think will be a huge help b/c it adds calories and I tend to eat more.

5. I have been doing this! And lemme tell you, Floradix is NOT cheap! But, yay me!

6. Um, nope. And not going to for the next three months b/c I have ZERO desire to read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or the following two books that go along with with. Am I wrong? Should I give it a whirl?? I did read Bitter is the New Black, Bright Lights Big Ass, Such a Pretty Fat and Pretty in Plaid all by Jen Lancaster this month. And I bought Tuscan Holidy, The Last Queen and Omnivore's Dilemma. It is pretty apparent I am addicted to chick lit!

7. I haven't been keeping track of this! I need to journal more!

8. Actually this has not been so good. I think my weight gain coupled with super stress at work and the stress of moving (TG that is over with!) has had a negative impact. I really need to change this for July :-)

For July I would really like to make sure I get to the gym a minimum of 3x per week, only have wine 2x per week and on holidays (I KNOW I'll want a drink on the 4th!), NOT buy any more books, hire a housekeeper and BE POSITIVE! My job has really been getting to me lately so I need to work on releasing that stress.

P.S. I invited some fabulous friends over for a pool party on Friday b/c there is no work! I'm soooooooo happy about that! Yay!

P.P.S. Billie Jean is my new ringtone. That also makes me happy!

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Melita said...

i love setting monthly goals. it just seems to be much easier to attain. i just found your blog via carolyn's at hang on little tomato. i really like your blog. we have a lot in common it seems. and hopefully i will be moving to seattle within the next 2 years :)

have a great weekend!