Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A "new" day in the life of...

My new apartment is coming together rather nicely. I finally have cable and internet again and can start putting books away in the bookshelves. I also need to hang pictures! I think my older stuff looks so much better in my new place. Notice Minou has already decided she owns the place?
Anyway, so now that I live about a mile from work I have decided to walk to work on the days it isn't raining. Thus far I have managed to walk yesterday and today. I am hoping that it helps to get rid of the spare tire that I have acquired in the past couple of months. (I am not a fan of dating weight!) Any good ideas on getting rid of stress/laziness/dating weight???

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City Girl said...

how fun :) congrats on the move! found you through twitter though it seems you follow my blog too - thank you :) :)