Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As stressed out as I am, I am so excited to move! I love getting rid of old "stuff" and "starting over." I found all kinds of new things I want to put in my new townhouse (but there may be some budget limitations!) I have TWO balconies! TWO! One off of my living room and one off of my bedroom. I want to decorate my living room a sort of modern/asian theme and my bedroom totally Parisian apartment. (Is this weird in a totally 90's style building??? I miss Paris so much...) After being in a cave for three years! What do ya'll think about the following:

I really need to figure out how to make my blog a bit more fancy! Posting links and this background just aren't very fun :-) Any suggestions would be FAB!

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Carolyn said...

you can def. do Parisien decor! ooh i can't wait to see how it all comes together! i too love getting rid of old stuff and starting new (altho it can get rather pricey). LOVE those peacock chairs btw!