Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost a New Year

Well, it is almost 2009. I am looking forward to another year of new experiences, great ambitions and overall excitement and fun! Life can be really crazy this time of year. Make sure to take some time just for yourself and do something special for you. Let go of the holiday stress (what stress??) and just be for an afternoon, or even just an hour! I really need to learn how to take my own advice. I am planning on setting my NY's resolutions early this year and to go through last years and see what I have accomplished. This has been a year of change and self discovery and I hope to continue this trend next year. I need to stop thinking in terms of "should" or "need to do" and just DO DO DO! Get up and work out despite it being cold, nasty, rainy, dark, whatever! Write! Work my butt off! Be happy. No trying, just BE. DO. And accept. Not fall prey to the negativity of others. Those sound like good enough resolutions on their own, but there is always more :-)

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