Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Electrolytes and Heart Scare!

Who knew how important electrolytes were?  Well, I certainly found out this past week.  Last week I hit up yoga several times, was on an airplane, went running twice and went out for drinks Saturday night.  Last Wednesday I noticed my heart was skipping (palpitations) but didn't really think much of it.  Sunday it was VERY noticeable and then yesterday afternoon I was about to head to yoga and I was still noticing it.  So, instead of going to hot yoga again, I went to the dr.  As you can imagine I was pretty freaked out and convinced my heart was going to just stop beating and that would be the end.... turns out, I most likely screwed up my electrolytes last week.  This is a bit different than just being dehydrated, because I have been drinking a TON of water.  So, I'm waiting for my blood test results and in the mean time making sure to drink G2 in addition to water.  I'm still not totally convinced I'm not dying but the dr. didn't seem worried one bit.  I guess that makes me OK?!?!?  I did work out this morning and am still alive ;-)

In other news, I woke up to SNOW this morning.  YUCK.  Seattle depresses me this time of year when it is starting to get nice everywhere else.... Wait, Seattle weather is just super depressing.  Almost all year!

Over the past week I have really been upping my workouts and trying to make sure that I have my share of greens every day.  This is hard for me because I don't like vegetables.  I like a few but I'd really rather eat just about anything else!

I have NOT been doing well with my 40 day/Lent challenge.  I have had a ton of cheese and Sunday night the BF and I went to Whole Foods and picked up some grass fed organic steak for dinner.  So, I made it about 10 days.  It is a process and I'm just trying to be more and more mindful of what is going in my body.  If I am going to eat meat, I need to make sure it isn't mass produced junk.

Breakfast yesterday.  Today I had two eggs and just one piece of toast.

Don't you just love samples?  Miniature Chanel!  Loves. 

Who does this cat think she is?  Hm?



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