Monday, July 13, 2009

Lovely Weekends

I realize I have been a bit MIA for the past few days. I had a fabulous weekend and thought I would share! Sometimes just the little things can make a huge difference. Here is a rundown of what I have been up to the past few days!

Friday: I didn't get my work out in because I ended up working until 6:00. After getting home, showering and throwing on a cute dress I went out to dinner at The Dahlia Lounge with b/f and friends! Had a fabulous time then off to Spur for some after dinner drinks.

Saturday: Got up fairly early for me on a weekend (9:00!) and walked to the gym. Got a decent work out in and then stopped in the Market to get some coffee and brunch. Afterwards hit up Target and then back to chez moi. Did some cleaning and laundry then off to the ballgame with good friends. Enjoyed the game but stayed in the beer garden most of the time! Afterwards headed down to Belltown and hit up Del Rey then Karma where we danced the night away! Or, did my "white girl" attempt at dancing! Headed back to chez moi and decided to get some late night pizza at my FAVE pizza place, Belltown Pizza. Finally got home around 1:30/2 and passed out!

Sunday: Got up fairly early (10ish) and got ready for the day. It was CHILLY yesterday (high of maybe 64 and raining!) so I got to put on my fab Burberry jacket that I haven't worn since May! Went out to West Seattle to b/f's house and promptly got back in bed with my Starbucks and a Perrier to watch several episodes of Anthony Bourdain. We decided to get up and head to the mall where we browsed and then went to look at the new Camaros (sp?). They are sexxy sexxy. However, convinced Lincoln that he does NOT need a third car and that trading his Porsche in for a Camaro is NOT a good idea! Come on! Then we went downtown and did some more browsing then went to the theater and watched Bruno. It was hilarious but really raunchy so do NOT go to this with your parents/grandparents/children!! Afterwards we went to dinner at Cactus on Alki and ordered a fab bottle of vin. Only drank a small portion of it so we corked it and took it home. Finally got home and again, promptly hopped in bed in sweats to watch some more Anthony Bourdain (new episodes start tonight, ya'll!!!) Had another glass of vin, read some more of Tuscan Holiday and fell asleep.

What is your idea of a perfect weekend? I love being busy but also having lots of time to rest and be in my bed! (or L's bed :-)) The pic above is of the sunset the night of the Mariner's game. View from Safeco field! It actually does NOT do the sky justice at all but I tried to capture just how amazing it was (with my BB.)

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Carolyn said...

Sounds like a super fun weekend!! I too was productive, had a bit of fun, and also had some bedtime :)